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Chocolate, a gift for athletes

Chocolate, a gift for athletes

Chocolate, a gift for athletes ... but with moderate consumption of dark chocolate is good for your health. It is also considered a gift  💌
  Great for an athlete who practices bodybuilding. It is a peak alarm. Helps to produce serotonin, chocolates are good against depression and boost morale. Dark chocolate in particular is also a food rich in magnesium. It is suitable for daily consumption before and after training, allowing athletes to avoid spasms, reduce performance, and eliminate stress by reducing cortisol.   Of course it is better to consume an amount that does not exceed 20 grams or 2 large squares as this amount equals approximately 100 calories. Also, the mentioned amount should not be exceeded daily if we want to keep the waist circumference as attractive. Chocolate, serotonin and depression: Despite the many criticisms, chocolate has many therapeutic virtues. Serotonin is an anti-stress neurotransmitter. When a person feels depressed, the level of serotonin in the body decreases.  

 Chocolate not only helps in the production of serotonin naturally, but the sugar and caffeine it contains stimulates the production of serotonin in the body as well. And thus restore psychological balance and get rid of depression.  Magnesium, especially found in dark chocolate, has a relaxing effect on the muscular nervous system.   In addition to all of the above, do not forget that chocolate is synonymous with gift and pleasure. This feeling that leads to the release of endorphins by the body. These hormones have an effect that makes you feel active, which reminds us of opium and gives a sense of happiness. It is an effect to which caffeine also contributes, which also stimulates the production of endorphins. 1 chocolate stimulant? Certainly chocolate has a stimulating effect that stimulates the nervous system, making muscle effort easy.

  On the other hand, caffeine increases vigilance, improves performance, increases fatigue resistance and prolonged intellectual efficiency. 2 Does chocolate make you fat? I do not agree with you that it is a high-calorie food, but it is integrated in a balanced diet and must be consumed in moderation,  20 grams per day will not harm you, and chocolate does not increase fat mass compared to any other food.   It is best to eat it at the end of the meal as a dessert rather than between meals. Contrary to popular misconception, dark chocolate is not lower in calories compared to other chocolate. 3 Is chocolate rich in magnesium? True  unsweetened cocoa powder contains 500 mg of magnesium per 100 grams. 

100 grams of dark chocolate provides about 150 mg of magnesium. Milk chocolate provides 60 mg of magnesium per 100 grams, and  it is already rich in magnesium compared to many other food sources of magnesium.   Eating chocolate helps prevent cramps and relieves back pain if it is a muscle muscle ..... 4 Does chocolate cause constipation? Chocolate mistake does not cause constipation, but quite the opposite. The components it contains accelerate intestinal transit by stimulating the contraction of the muscles of the intestine.   Is chocolate anesthetic? Error

 A study conducted at the Institute of Neuroscience in San Diego, California, showed that chocolate contains anandamide that causes effects similar to that produced by marijuana. But only consumption of gramane (12 kg per day) can have lasting effects and real effects. 6 bad chocolate for arteries? The error of consuming chocolate does not affect the amount of fat in the blood or cholesterol.  In addition, chocolate contains flavonoids that protect against cardiovascular disease. But it is clear that they should always be consumed in moderation. 7 Does it cause migraines? Correct and false

Because it contains tyramine, it is an amino acid that causes migraines. But they contain very little that they must be eaten too much to be the cause, and they should be avoided along with other foods rich in tyramine during the same meal, to avoid the onset of migraines. Other sporting tips: Fructose honey is a type of sugar called "slow" because of its delayed blood flow compared to glucose. It will not cause any noticeable difference in insulin levels. A snack to combat magnesium deficiency Magnesium deficiency  is common among athletes, causing increased sweating. The principle of this snack that we suggest for you is to combine bananas, dark chocolate and almonds, and three foods rich in magnesium .... cholesterol and exercise Walking for 30 minutes each day is enough to start reducing cholesterol levels in the blood. 


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