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Exercise is not only to lose weight

Exercise is not only to lose weight

Exercise helps  lose weight  , but not only ...

Exercising is a good thing for a good day to go through, to strengthen your personality and lose a few pounds as well, but the effects of regular exercise go further.  We have identified several beneficial results of exercising regularly.   In addition, the health benefits of sport are often physical and mental. You can also fight anxiety and depression by exercising. The luxury you feel while exercising regularly makes you feel as if other years are adding to your life. Where specialized experts and doctors confirm that it is sufficient to exercise every day for 30 minutes only, and if you do not allow your physical conditions to go to the gym, you can practice brisk walking. This is the minimum physical activity recommended by the National Nutrition and Health Program. Ten positive attributes you gain during exercise:

    1- Improve blood circulation in the arteries.     2- An increase in the muscle strength of the heart. The volume of blood produced in each contraction and inward to the heart can be increased by 50% by training.    3- It helps to slow the heart rate where it is resting. Energy saving.     4- Increasing the amount of oxygen entering the muscles and organs and increasing the overall body's endurance.     5 - Greater strength of the joints because the tissues and ligaments strengthen and become more flexible, and strengthen the bones by increasing bone mass and thus get rid of osteoporosis associated with aging, especially for women.     6- An increase in physical strength, reaching 40%.     7- Increase in speed up to 20%.     8- An increase in  metabolism or metabolism . 

    9- Better weight control by losing fat (reducing body fat) and gaining muscle (increasing muscle mass in the body).     10- Increase flexibility and physical coordination ...   Things to pay attention to while exercising:

·                     The level of triglycerides in the blood. To reduce triglycerides, you should exercise, but you should consume less alcohol, sugar, and weight loss if you are overweight.

·                     The risks of osteoporosis and the effects of menopause. People who are physically active and exercise have more dense bones than people who are not physically active and who do not exercise. It is necessary to do weightlifting exercises as the body weight moves from one leg to another, as in the case of walking, to obtain healthy and strong bones. 

·                     Colon cancer risk, breast cancer and lung cancer risk

·                     Back pain hazards and muscle pain problems. These risks are greater for people who work hard and work in heavy occupations and those who do not engage in any physical activity. Bending the torso and practicing the pelvis tilt forward reduces the frequency of this acute pain.

·                     The risk of obesity. One usually has to do physical activity and do so throughout his life - do physical activity regularly and it is advisable to be low-voltage to moderate and long-term.

Answers to the question "Why do you play sports":

·                     People with reduced fitness levels can take up to twice the length of work to reach the fitness of their peers who are doing sports and who are in better shape.

·                     People with diabetes are three times more likely to develop cardiovascular disease compared to those who play different sports. Physical activity helps reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes

·                      Physically active people tend to be more comfortable in terms of appearance, appearance and appropriate weight ..... 

If you have other answers, dear reader, we hope to leave them in the comment for the benefit


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