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Gingerbread, the perfect sports cake

Gingerbread, the perfect sports cake

Gingerbread, the perfect sports cake for the ultimate calorie ratio

Gingerbread is the athletes' cake because it is the only cake that does not contain fat and is rich in carbohydrates. Therefore it is much less harmful compared to other items it is very wonderful to include in a balanced diet. It is also very rich in calories, it is an easy cake to prepare at home ... It can also be consumed in moderation if you want to lose weight. 

Recipe: Gingerbread dates back to the eleventh century. Where it was manufactured in Dijon after the revolution. And now it is manufactured everywhere in the world, whether by hand at home or in private factories, but the recipe for gingerbread is always the same; The gingerbread recipe consists of flour, honey and special spices called ginger spices. Honey: For honey, it is better to choose honey with a strong flavor, for example natural honey that is not made from sugar. Seasoning: For seasonings, it can be used to taste cinnamon, ginger, cloves and nutmeg. You can also add nuts such as hazelnuts, almonds, coconuts, or orange peel, in varying amounts, to your liking. Flour: For flour, the proportion and type of flour can be determined, and you can choose between 3 main types of gingerbread, the quality of the flour, in different recipes.

There are 3 categories of gingerbread:

·                      Dijon gingerbread:

This ginger contains 60% of wheat flour and other varieties, which can be local, from 28 to 33%.

·                     Ginger bread type 
couque :

Couque consistsType of 45% of rye flour and 44 to 53% of the local flour a

·                     Gingerbread half- couque :

Gingerbread half- couqueIt is a mixture of rye flour and wheat flour (45%) and 36 to 44% of local nourishing flour Ginger bread is a type of sole cake that contains a low percentage of fat and a good proportion of mostly carbohydrates. So it is much less harmful and it is suitable to combine it in a balanced diet and it is better compared to all kinds of biscuits and other fat-rich pastries.   Ginger cake can also provide you with strength and vitality for sports activity compared to other meals, which are of concern as snacks because they are high in fat.   Ginger bread is best consumed in significant quantities compared to other products rich in fats and sweets. It is also highly recommended for athletes to use in all conditions, before and after sports because they contain a complex mix of fast-digesting carbohydrates.

And the amount of calories is very high, 320 calories (calories) per 100 grams. It is also highly recommended, especially for couque gingerbread, On the basis that it is composed of rye flour rich in fiber.   Also read these math tips: lower cholesterol through exercise : exercise eliminates bad cholesterol Fructose : an indicator that helps reduce blood sugar. Chocolate and Health : Chocolate is a victim, and it has health benefits; It is useful for example against depression and is also a great physical stimulant. 


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