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How do you sleep well

How do you sleep well? Tips and practical methods

How do you sleep well? Tips and practical methods: Sleep well at night greatly affects our physical and moral health and our lives in general during the day. Some easy-to-use anti-stress techniques and some tips for getting a good sleep can dramatically change our quality of life. There are those who shake for hours in bed before bed ... they're those who always feel like having a bad night and waking up again and again ... You can improve things and get a good sleep by getting to know yourself better and respecting some rules. We are uneven when it comes to sleep and needs vary from person to person. Half of the French (50%) belong to the average sleep group with 8 hours of sleep per night. Others sleep more or less. Studies have shown that all forms of sleep have the same ability to influence deeply and comfortably.

So don't try to shorten nights, or prolong them, your mood during sleep is largely due to genetic factors.  Likewise, we are born early or late, depending on our internal clock. Bedtime is also controlled by our hormones. It is the cause of systematic differences in body temperature for more than 24 hours: Decrease promotes sleep and leads to increased reasons for waking up. The quality of our nights sleep also depends on compliance with the sleep cycles. Each takes between one and a half and two hours. It is estimated that sleeping well for an average of 5 cycles and having a good restful night. To fall asleep and wake up well, it is necessary to sleep a full number of cycles. If you ended your night during the cycle - in the middle of a deep sleep phase, for example, you have the impression that you have slept badly or not enough. While half an hour before or after may be enough for an easy and peaceful awakening.

Good sleep advice This highly effective tip for good sleep! During the evening, as soon as you feel signs of fatigue (tired eyes, yawning), notice the time and wait for this phenomenon to happen again the next day. The elapsed time corresponds to the duration of a session. Then, indulge in a small calculation to determine the sleep time and waking time corresponding to the beginning and end of the cycle.   Even if you wake up a little earlier, you get enough sleep and easy to wake up. So watch out for your alarm! If sleep difficulties persist, you should consult a doctor.   

Three ways to sleep well:

·                     To sleep well, in the evening, and relax:

Take a bath or shower. The nighttime temperature would drop several degrees during sleep. Choose cold water that facilitates this phenomenon. Avoid violent exercises, scary movies, or stressful discussions. Alternatively, you can walk in a quiet place. Have a light dinner. Make herbal tea: verbena, linden. Give up alcohol and coffee, even if mixed with milk. Instead, drink a cup of goat's milk before bed. The reason for calming milk is due to the presence of tryptophan, the amino acid precursor of serotonin. There are other foods rich in tryptophan: cashew, almond, peanut and brewer's yeast.

·                     At bedtime, do not force  yourself:

Sleep in a cool, ventilated room. (20 ° C max) Go to bed as soon as you feel sleepy. But if you can't find it, don't stay in bed. Rather, read a book or watch TV in another room.  

·                     When you wake up, be regular:

If possible, you should always wake up at the same time. It is very bad to wake up late in the morning, and good sleep requires regularity. A hot shower helps restore the internal temperature to normal and gives you a feeling of alertness quickly. Tips on fatigue and sleep  Muscle fatigue:  all known causes  Recovery after effort: Tryptophan and milk  cure test :  The reason for calming milk is due to the presence of tryptophan, the amino acid precursor of serotonin. Magnesium deficiency : Magnesium  deficiency is very common among athletes. But many foods rich in magnesium can fill this deficiency.


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