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Is winter sports unhealthy?

?Is winter sports unhealthy?

Is winter sports unhealthy?

As the cold winter weather arrives, the question arises: "Should we continue to exercise?" 

Winter sports? 

In fact, for many people, the words "winter" and "sport" do not match 

Winter sports such as skiing. But even in the winter, with some precautions, from 

It is good to exercise and to continue to exercise.  

Certainly, it is recommended to do them regularly throughout the year. And maintain periods 

Intense exercise for a certain period of time.

Nothing prevents you from exercising your sports activity.

Take precautions: prepare for the cold:

Suitable clothing and cover:

Obviously because of the low or even negative temperatures, you must have 

Suitable clothes. In order to fight the cold, we must know that our bodies lose a lot of 

Energy in  the warm-up process . So you have to think about covering your body well, but in a way 

Moderate. Because if you wear too much, you will sweat a lot, sweaty, 

This is not something you want and is not good.  

You may get very cold, which leads to several diseases. To avoid all of the above, do 

Purchase customized clothing based on insulating and porous synthetic materials  .  Do not neglect hands and head 

Because the ends of your body are most vulnerable to the cold.

Warming up is  a necessary and inevitable process:

For our sports activity to be effective and comfortable, without side effects,

 The body needs to warm up and prepare the muscles for this effort. In winter, it is imperative and inevitable 

From it more than at any other time, due to the cold, vasoconstriction occurs in 

Arteries. This narrowing can lead to a decrease in blood circulation. So it could 

It is dangerous causing (angina), especially in people over the age of 

About 40 years or smokers, etc. ... It is important to start warming up to raise the rate 

Heart beat  and body temperature stabilization.

Do not wait for thirst, but keep your body hydrated and fresh:

One of the most common problems that most people experience in the winter is the absence 

Feeling thirsty, especially athletes.
 So a shortage of water can cause tendon problems or dehydration. For this reason, Hafiz 

On your drinking habits:

·                          Drink before exercise.
·                          Drink during exercise.
·                          Drink when you're done with the workout.

Winter sports have many virtues of good health:

  In summer, it contributes wonderfully and positively to strengthening the cardiovascular system 

Winter contributes to the development of good cardiovascular performance and, more generally, the cardiovascular system 

Bloody and respiratory system.
    Helps stimulate your immune system: Sports have a positive impact on health 

Physical and mental. Therefore, it is involved in strengthening the immune system. Which will spare you some 

Winter diseases such as the common cold.

Exercise is a great advantage to overcome many many diseases in a class 

Winter and daily routine due to short days so do not hesitate. Maintaining your exercises 

Sports during the winter, also will help you maintain your strength, personality 

Development of performance to mark the arrival of spring and beautiful days during the summer.

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