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Spirulina benefits for athletes

Spirulina benefits for athletes

Spirulina compensates for nutritional deficiencies and promotes athletic performance. It belongs to a very small group of super foods. Super Food Science is known to be richer in terms of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, omega-3 and any other nutrient. 

 It is a natural green algae that has 7 incredible benefits. It is produced in controlled aquaculture on small aquaculture. Rich in iron and beta-carotene, which boosts oxygen in the blood, cells and muscles, and treats anemia. Spirulina accompanies every bodybuilding program. It is a natural food ideal for bodybuilding and is also an ideal product against any deficiency in vitamins and minerals, whether you are athletic or not. In sports, spirulina is a first-class ally of those who seek optimal fitness, and those who do not exercise any sport also help them maintain the essential vitality of daily activities.


Spirulina, microscopic algae, or blue bacteria, grow naturally in lakes in warm regions where surface or volcanic soil water is rich in mineral salts. Micro-algae are harvested by aquaculture, in natural ponds or lakes, and are marketed as flakes in bags, capsules, or powder as a food supplement.  The sparkling spirulina is the most natural and least transforming tip in case you want to buy it for the sake of the experience. Spirulina cultivation cannot currently meet French requirements because the cultivation technique requires mineral fertilizers, especially mineral nitrogen. You should pay attention to the imported and supplied spirulina capsules as organic spirulina. We recommend consuming French spirulina, which will prevent you from consuming heavy metals that are abundant in foreign products harvested in a natural, uncensored environment. 

Spirulina benefits for athletes:

There are many beneficial effects of spirulina for athletes. Consuming spirulina as part of a healthy diet helps:

·                          Improve endurance
·                          Quickly lose weight thanks to its saturated effect
     Avoid nutritional deficiency
·                          Increased muscle mass plus a varied protein-rich diet
·                          Reducing pain and muscle fatigue
·                          Hair and nail growth
·                        Strengthening immunity

Energy recipe, or spirulina cocktail:

It is recommended that you take 5 to 10 grams of spirulina daily. You should start with a lower dose, 3 grams per day, i.e. about half a teaspoon, and gradually increase the amount until you reach the normal dose. In the spirulina cocktail it can be attached with fruit juice to facilitate the absorption of some ingredients including iron. It can be sprinkled on milk or on a plate. It is considered an appetite suppressant because it is part of high-density foods like wheat, yeast, soybeans, dried fruits, liver and eggs. So it can be included in foods that must be eaten for the purpose of losing weight.

Energy drink  with spirulina:

To counteract the decline, decrease vitality, and revitalize the body, without fear of the side effects of energy drinks sold in some stores, we have created for you a natural energy drink that can be prepared at home, based on spirulina, lemon, green, honey, ginger, and turmeric. Is iron deficiency ,  which reveals a decrease ferritin level as a risk to athletes. 

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