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The top five essential tips for losing fat while staying fit

 The top five essential tips for losing fat while staying fit

The key to losing weight faster and longer by reducing fat mass is to combine 

Between a low calorie diet as we will explain below for a healthy life 

Quiet and sporty. To beat fats, you must also reduce the tension that leads to excretion 

Cortisol. By exercising with pleasure and love, which helps to increase 

The production of endorphins in our bodies, reducing the rate of cortisol and thus ease of disposal 

Excess fat. The following five tips are 5 essential tips for losing fat while staying fit.

 To lose fat, don't fight hunger:

Neglecting diets is not an effective way to lose weight. The body may be resistant 

For hunger, which leads to his interaction with stress and reduces caloric loss.

II  Increase the number of meals:

To remove belly fat or those in the thighs, it is necessary to split the servings 

Daily food into a large number of small meals. The more calories 

That your body loses in digestion increases the speed of fat loss.

IIIIncrease carbohydrates in the diet without fats  :

It is necessary to reduce fats when following a diet, not any fats. But the fats  in oil and butter, milk cream and visible fatty parts of meat, it is  necessary to increase the share of foods rich in carbohydrates .


VITo lose fat, proteins should not be increased.

Maintaining a normal protein ratio, nothing more, nothing less. Avoid protein- rich diets  and some miracle weight loss methods that promise to lose weight quickly  and well, because these diets all depend on a diet rich in dried proteins  .

VBuild muscles to lose fat and be in good shape.

Muscle and heart training is essential for losing weight by losing fat. Obese people often  consume fewer calories than  calories their bodies produce during rest, and when following a diet for abdominal loss  , a person must be physically active also to increase their basic metabolism (metabolism) .

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